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NEW REMEDIES FROM MPI - Pacific Island Herbals

Ancient, highly effective herbal formulas from volcanic islands of the South Pacific,  are now available in the U.S. through Marco Pharma. These volcanic islands are known for their nutrient-rich soil which also contains high levels of beneficial micro-organisms. This combination creates the richest soil on earth and the climate of these islands is perfect for producing vegetation containing potent medicinal substances.

Malungay - Iron Builder
Pro Mense - Dysmenorrhea
Sambong - Kidney Stones
Card-Vasc - Hypertension
Pandan - Male Libido
Female Pro - Hormone Replacement
Herbal Trim - Weight Control
La Buena - Nervous System
Para-L - Parasites
Serenoa - Female Libido

Card-Vasc is a natural anti-hypertensive, formulated for blood pressure management of patients whose levels are chronically in the range of 160 over 100. Card-Vasc is an alternative to anti-hypertensive drugs. Under physician supervision, patients should gradually reduce their allopathic medications while taking Card-Vasc. Response patterns should be monitored several times daily.
Lowers blood pressure by facilitating smooth-muscle relaxation, renal stimulation, stress reduction.

Herbal Diuretic Supplement
Extensive studies have shown this herbal formula to be an extremely effective diuretic. Recently, SAMBONG has demonstrated its ability to reduce or eliminate small kidney stones and gravel without surgery. Current clinical study results indicate 50 percent reduction in kidney stone mass within a month, using 40mg daily.
Combined with anti-hypertensive remedies, SAMBONG renders positive outcomes where compromised kidney function is the underlying cause of hypertension. SAMBONG is also effective in treating urinary tract and renal infections.
Reduces swelling of edema; lowering blood pressure. Active ingredients promote stress reduction, vasodilation, reduction in cholesterol levels.

Male Herbal Libido Supplement
Pandan is a non-aggressive stimulant that increases blood flow to the male genital region. While using this formula, male patients with low libido report a pleasant stimulating sensation with enhanced performance. Pandan is well tolerated by patients using hypertension medication, however, in these cases, consultation with a physician is highly recommended.
Increases circulation in the pelvic area; acts on the membrano-prostatic portion of the urethra.

Herbal Iron Builder
Due to its rich iron content, Malungay, an herbal remedy made from Ampalaya and the leaves of the Malungay Tree, is used to treat anemia. It is an ideal natural alternative to traditional iron supplementation. This is due to its ability to increase hemoglobin and build the blood without causing gastrointestinal side effects, including overall stomach distress, constipation, nausea, dark stools, etc. It also contains other important nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and Folic Acid. Malungay is commonly used in Southeast Asia as a replacement for pharmaceutical grade erythropoietin (EPO) to facilitate red blood cell production in dialysis patients. In addition, it is recommended for pregnant women to prevent uncomfortable side effects of regular supplements and increase absorption. It is also good for increasing breast milk in lactating mothers. Other uses include immune system stimulation and elevation of low blood pressure.
Helps support erythropoiesis (red blood cell production), increases oxygen utilization, immune stimulant, natural antibiotic agent, stimulates lactation, limits breast soreness.

Pro Mense

This formula is used in the Pacific Islands to support healthy female organ function and is part of their folk medicine.
Supports healthy menstrual cycle.

Female Pro
Female Pro can be an alternative to commonly prescribed hormone replacement therapy. The following four formulas are combined in one bottle with one dose packet for easy patient compliance. These formulas have proven themselves to be effective in balancing the hormonal system without using hormones.
Supports the hormonal and neural system. Promotes restful sleep. Increasing circulation in the pelvic region and the skin. Reduction in fat deposits around the mid section.

Herbal Trim
This formula is popular in the Pacific Islands for weight control and is part of their folk medicine. Herbal Trim is a safe alternative to the commonly used appetite suppressants.
Helps the body to burn fat and sugar, promotes healthy bowel movements, suppresses and regulates hunger cravings.

La Buena
La Buena provides relief to the nervous system and helps to cope with today's stressful lifestyle.
Stress relief, tension reduction, and promotes restfull sleep.

This remedy treats large parasite infestations.
Nematodes (Round Worms)

Serenoa is an energy enhancement formula specifically designed for females. Female patients with low libido reported a pleasant stimulating and energizing sensation while using Serenoa. 
Increases circulation in the pelvic region, supports hormonal balance, and stimulates metabolic function.


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